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Outrigger Hydraulic Cylinder for Truck Mounted Crane

 1. The truck mounted crane is named also truck with loading crane. It consists of chassis, packing case (tank), power take-off, and crane.

2. It is widely used in city construction, coal mining engineering, gardens Greening for lifting and transporting the basic construction materials and so on.

3. Our truck mounted truck has compact fixing space, light dead weight, and big loading weight. The design is safe and reliable, nice appearance. Support oil cylinder can be overturned manually, thus improve the Cross-country performance of the whole machine. Planetary lift hoist efficiently decrease the system temperature, fast and smart working speed, very durable truck.
4. The mounted crane can select to equip with DONGFENG, JIEFANG, FOTON, ZHONGQI,

QINGLING, JIANGLING, HUALING HONGYAN, XUGONG and other chassis. 1t, 2t, 3.2t, 4t, 5t, 6.3t, 8t, 10t, 12t, 14t, 16t crane can be equipped according to different machine model. The telescopic straight boom crane and folding type crane are also for your options.

5. Outrigger style: Adopting horizontal telescopic H shape Outrigger, all outriggers can be independently adjusted to regulate the whole frame balance, it has large outrigger span, the whole machine has very good stability.

6. The operation mode: Left and side double side operation, the slewing angle is: ± 360° , continuous slewing, and hand throttle can adjust the slewing speed and lifting speed.

Hydraulic cylinder for outrigger

<td style="BORDER-RIGHT: gray 1px solid; PADDING-RIGHT: 3px; BORDER-TOP: gray 1px solid; PADDING-LEFT: 3px; PADDING-BOTTOM: 0px; BORDER-LEFT: gray 1px solid; PADDING-TOP: 0px; BORDER-BOTTOM: gray 1px solid; BACKGROUND-COLOR: transparent; TEXT-AL
12T Left58099626114710574601331109023015024628030M14M14
12T Right58099626114710574601331109023015024628030M14M14
20T Left7209852598593041512710585220150205119 M14G1/2
20T Right7209852598593041512710585220150205119 M14G1/2
20T Rear4498152681571536112510080180150  30G1/2M14
Cylinder517782287827318514512095250160200178 JIC7/8BSP1/2
36060093531.596585452013311090220150  40M20M20
40060093531.596585452013311090220150  40M20M20
40050073831.57387029512710070160147   M20M20
Tipping (T)
Stroke (mm)
Close.height (mm)
Installation (mm)
Press (mm)
Tanker.vol (L)

The above is the major parameters of the product.
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Outrigger Hydraulic Cylinder for Truck Mounted Crane
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